On your storage.
Under your control.

Keep your files where they are – on your own storage infrastructure. Download and run the FileFlex server stack on your ASUSTOR power user or business grade NAS to remotely access, share, stream and collaborate all organizational files, securely, from where they are saved. You don’t need to copy anything to a third-party provider, purchase an EFSS, or build a private cloud.

Take control of your data

Download and run the FileFlex server on your power user or business grade ASUSTOR NAS and gain complete control over secure remote access and sharing for your organization. You control who is provisioned, who they can share with and what content and storage they can access. It is easy to deploy, easy to integrate, scalable, easy to manage, supports multiple locations and all storage options. And you can have it up in running in just a couple of hours.

Behind the firewall

Enable mobile access to terabytes of file share data that lives behind your firewall without the need for a VPN. Your content stays on your corporate infrastructure and under your control. 100% access. No third parties. No duplication. No additional complexity or increased threat surface. No moving files in order to share. You always know exactly where your data is and who has access to it… Because you shouldn’t have to give up control, duplicate or move your data to get the benefits.

Complete management toolkit

The FileFlex User Administration Panel makes administration of FileFlex Enterprise within your organization a breeze. Add/delete users, set permissions, manage the Access Control List (ACL) and add storage repositories on either and individual-by-individual basis or grouped (department) basis. Assign storage to users on device, drive, folder or even file level granularity. Determine who can share outside the company and who can add their own storage options. Access logged activities and filter by user, date, or downloads.

Easy to integrate and test

Connecting FileFlex Enterprise is simple. You don’t need to open any new ports, it takes only a few minutes to integrate and testing is easy. If you ever decide to turn FileFlex off, there is nothing to undo, because you didn’t move, copy or duplicate any data. FileFlex is 100% risk free. FileFlex Enterprise supports Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and Single Sign-on.

Easy to deploy, easy to use

FileFlex Enterprise has been optimized for your ASUSTOR power user or business grade NAS.  It is easy and fast to install and the management console means it’s simple to add and manage users. The user client is clean and intuitive with interactive tutorials, training videos and demos. As well extensive help files and a support knowledge base are available making deployment, use and adoption a breeze.


Because you don’t duplicate any client storage, FileFlex Enterprise is easily scalable from 10 to thousands of users. Users are simply added from the Administration Console either individually or in bulk through Active Directory or a simple .csv file import. Since all files stay in their source locations you do not need to add more storage or hardware infrastructure when you scale. No new storage. No new servers. No additional IT staff required.

Enterprise-grade privacy, compliance & data residency

Data Residency

FileFlex Enterprise is the perfect software-only solution if you need compliance with privacy and data residency standards such as GDPR and HIPAA.  It starts by keeping your organizations files on the already secured storage where the files where saved – on your infrastructure and behind your firewall, allowing by permission encrypted remote access to those files and then tracking usage.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that only authorized users can access your storage infrastructure, even if someone knows the password of one of your users.

Large Files. No Limitations.

Because FileFlex Enterprise provides access to files in their source location and then tracks usage, you can share files, collections or libraries that are MASSIVE. The size does not matter. It is just as easy to share a 1 TB digital media library as a 1 MB spreadsheet. Recipients simply view, stream or download (if allowed) only what they need.

Go beyond the cloud with FileFlex

Supports all major platforms

FileFlex Enterprise supports all major platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Blackberry for use on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Support for all storage options

FileFlex Enterprise supports all storage options – corporate servers, media servers, NAS, SAN, DAS storage, and FTP, Windows, Linux and Mac laptop and desktop computers, public clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box & OneDrive), as well as private clouds and any networked storage device.

Support for multiple locations

Simply install the FileFlex Connector Agent on the network of each location you want to access and connect to any location you have, anywhere in the world.

Aggregates all your storage in a single dashboard

The FileFlex Enterprise client aggregates all storage repositories in a single dashboard no matter what the storage device is or where it is located, including public clouds such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box – if allowed. All public cloud in-app activities are logged providing an audit trail of what was shared, downloaded or viewed, with whom and when for every employee.

Financially cost effective and smart

Low cost, requiring minimal human or financial resources

FileFlex Enterprise’s software-only solution leverages your existing storage investments, infrastructure and IT resources. It is easy to deploy and once deployed requires very little maintenance.

FileFlex is a fraction of the cost of cloud alternatives because It does not require a service provider with an expensive data center and extensive security to store duplicate copies of your files.

FileFlex Enterprise requires no capital expenses to deploy

If you are like most CIOs, you are being asked to do more with less. FileFlex Enterprise is purchased as a monthly service fee per user. FileFlex is pay-as-you-go. You only pay for what you need and for the value you receive. Costs are reduced and shifted from capital expense to an operating expense, which saves money and looks better on financial statements.