Securely remote access & share your ASUSTOR. No cloud required.

Remotely access, share, stream, manage and download files from your ASUSTOR NAS or any networked storage, securely, from anyplace, anytime, anywhere on any device.

What is FileFlex?

FileFlex is a highly secure hybrid point-to-point, software-only service that allows you to remotely access, share, stream and manage 100% of your data from your ASUSTOR NAS or any networked storage. Yes … right from where it is stored.


They’re your files and they should stay on your network.

FileFlex is very secure. Files stay on your network, behind the firewall – on your ASUSTOR NAS or any networked storage – and nothing is moved or copied to a third party site. It is the perfect solution to aid data residency and privacy requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA.


Leverage your own storage investments

What makes FileFlex different? From your smart phone, tablet or computer you can remotely access, share and stream all your files from where they are saved on your ASUSTOR NAS – behind your firewall and under your control. No syncing. No duplication. No third parties. No purchase of expensive redundant cloud storage.  FileFlex takes the functionality of the cloud and applies it to your  ASUSTOR NAS and all networked storage.

FileFlex Apps for ASUSTOR


Free 1 year single-user subscription included with all models

Your ASUSTOR NAS includes a free 1 year subscription to FileFlex ($34.95 value).  FileFlex enables secure remote access, sharing, streaming and file management of files and folders- even large video, music, photo or movie collections – from their source locations stored either on an ASUSTOR NAS or on any storage networked to the NAS. You can also use FileFlex to automatically back up the photos and videos from as many smart phones and tablets as you want to your ASUSTOR NAS or any networked device.

FileFlex Enterprise

Download and run the FileFlex Enterprise server stack on a Power User or Business Grade NAS and make FileFlex Enterprise your own in-house EFSS service.

FileFlex Enterprise is a software-only solution hosted on your ASUSTOR power user or business grade NAS, behind the firewall, allowing you to access and share files in their source locations – no need to subscribe or install an EFSS or build a private cloud. BYOD users can share data remotely, anywhere, anytime, from any device. So take control of your content and eliminate the risky EFSS issues of residency, compliance and security.